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Welcome to the NEW version of the Zollanvari International Online-Shop where you can purchase our latest designer collections developed exclusively for and available only through this website. We are truly delighted to launch this new version of the Online -Shop with the Glitch Gabbehs Collection designed by SoFar SoNear Studio Milan and available from stock or in custom colours and sizes.


The inspiration for this latest collection is an ingenious fusion of traditional Gabbeh iconography and Glitch art – a visual style characterised by using digital or analogue errors for aesthetic purposes, whether that be intentional or by accident. Mysterious by nature, this ‘technocentric aesthetic’ has encompassed design globally. In branding in particular – being both futuristic and retro, rebellious, political, and yet elegant and subtle in its rakishness – it has been used to fuse nostalgia, heritage and tradition with innovation, transparency and futurism. In fact, many antique rugs feature abstract, distorted patterns that seem to predict the glitch movement of later centuries. Comprised of eight designs in multiple colourways, this new collection is set to launch a new Gabbeh revolution…


So that you can purchase with total confidence in the quality that has established Zollanvari as one of the leading producers globally, I would like to reassure you that all our carpets are hand-knotted using the highest grade highland wool which is traditionally hand-carded and hand-spun, and dyed using natural dyes made from plants collected from the immediate vicinity of our nomadic weavers, with whom we have cultivated and nurtured extensive personal relationships. Our quality control is second to none and I personally check all carpets we sell before they are shipped.


We will be adding more exclusive online collections in due course so be sure to visit this webpage regularly.